Whistl invests in 41 double deck trailers

Whistl, the leading delivery management company with activities in Business Mail, Doordrop Media and Parcels, has signed a contract worth £2.5m for 41 new double deck trailers.


Manufactured by Don Bur with maintenance and leasing provided by TIP, the new trailers will hit the roads in the coming weeks. The contract was awarded following a competitive process, and the new trailers will provide operational efficiencies, increased capacity, and an improved MPG.


Whistl worked with Don Bur on the design of the trailer to ensure it was multipurpose and could take various sizes of containers required to transport mail, large letters, and parcels.


Nick Wells, CEO said: “The introduction of the new trailers is part of our continued commitment to invest in the business to ensure operational efficiency and improved service to our customers.

“We are a growing business, not only in our core sector of business mail but also in our parcel services.  The new trucks give us scalable and flexible infrastructure that can handle the increasing mix of items customers handover to us to process.”


“Importantly, our drivers have been through training on the new and improved operational aspects of the trailers and have welcomed their capability to reduce downtime and make their job easier.”

In 2016, Whistl announced it had invested in 100 new tractor units, worth £9million, to replace its current fleet.

Whistl invests in 41 double deck trailers

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