Why Truckepedia?

Why should my business be listed in Truckepedia?

Truckepedia is the UK’s most complete Road Transport Business Directory, with over 100,000 business listings.

Truckepedia ranks highly in all Google searches – a simple listing in Truckepedia will automatically increase your company’s presence on the Web and a Google search will automatically find your business.

Easily find the exact information you are searching for, because Truckepedia is lightning quick and very easy to use on any device, whether it be a PC; Mac; Tablet or Smartphone.

Search and claim your Truckepedia listing now!

To find out if your business is already listed in Truckepedia, simply go to the homepage and enter your company name in ‘Keyword Search.’ 

Click on the orange ‘Search’ button, on the homepage and look for your company name. 

If you don’t find your company listing simply click on ‘My Account,’ in the top RH corner of the homepage and register your business. The registration process is simple and quick.

If your business listing is already in Truckepedia just, click on the orange button ‘Click to claim your listing.’ Complete the pop-up mail message and an email will be sent immediately to Truckepedia administration for claim verification. Once your listing claim is verified you can choose either an Essential membership or a cost effective, : Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum subscription, with many benefits. A sample of the benefits available is shown below.

Once you have claimed or registered your business, you can choose either an Essential listing or choose a premium listing. An Essential listing allows you to add: your business address; map location; business phone number and web domain .

A premium business listing in Truckepedia enables you to describe your products and services more precisely and in more detail. A Truckepedia premium listing  ensures your business ranks more highly on a Google search. A premium listing in Truckepedia is like having your own micro-website working for you, 24/7/365, pushing your business forward and at the same time, generating valuable sales enquiries.

Claim your listing now, and gain all of the benefits of Truckepedia!