Permanent quality: two-year warranty for MAN Service and MAN Genuine Parts


The extended warranty applies to all repairs carried out in MAN service centres from 2017 onwards, including any MAN Genuine Parts, MAN Genuine Parts ecoline and MAN Genuine Accessories installed as part of the repair work. In addition, the two-year warranty covers any service work connected with the fitting of spare parts.


MAN Genuine Parts.

MAN Genuine Parts are manufactured and tested in accordance with strict quality standards and will win you over thanks to their high level or reliability and cost efficiency. Not forgetting the quick availability of spare parts, which forms an important pillar of the MAN spare part service. On average, over 8000 genuine parts are available to hand in the MAN service centres, including for older models and speciality vehicles, to keep downtimes as short as possible in the event of damage. 95 percent of all speciality parts, which are not immediately available, are delivered to the workshop overnight via the European Logic Center (ELC), which has been established by MAN.


MAN Genuine Parts ecoline

MAN Genuine Parts ecoline are replacement parts that are fully remanufactured to MAN Genuine Parts standards by MAN, the original manufacturer (OES) or by an external service provider. Extensive remanufacturing ensures that the quality of the MAN Genuine Parts ecoline matches that of a new MAN GenuinePart. In particular, this ensures that the upkeep of older vehicles can be carried out at fair market value. Just like new MAN Genuine Parts, MAN Genuine Parts ecoline  are also available at all MAN service outlet and likewise come with the new 24-month spare part warranty.


Salzgitter: central warehouse for MAN spare parts logistics 

The MAN plant in Salzgitter holds a key position in spare parts logistics. In May 2016, the Logistics Center in Salzgitter was extended with the third construction phase, increasing its storage space by 60,000 square metres to a total of 172,000 square metres. As part of the restructuring of the key competences within the MAN Production Truck (PT) network, the central spare parts location was entirely moved from Dachau to Salzgitter. To ensure a seamless transition of the business, central replacement parts business was relocated from Dachau to Salzgitter gradually, as the construction work progressed. The extension means that the Logistics Center will, from now on, be the sole central warehouse for MAN spare parts logistics. This will reduce the complexity of the logistics process considerably and will make it possible to further optimise spare parts logistics at MAN.


Permanent quality: two-year warranty for MAN Service and MAN Genuine Parts

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