The Road Haulage Association is calling for an urgent increase in enforcement staff to ensure that safety standards are both met and maintained. This demand follows in the wake of the Bath tipper truck tragedy nearly two years ago for which the vehicle owner and mechanic have today been found guilty of manslaughter. The driver was cleared of any charges.

“Safety behind the wheel is of course important in any occupation that involves a moving vehicle,” said RHA chief executive Richard Burnett. “But for the operator of a heavy goods vehicle, safety of the driver, other road users – including cyclists and pedestrians is absolutely crucial. Such levels of safety can only be achieved through ensuring that the vehicle meets the stringent levels of compliance that are needed to keep their operation within the law.”

This industry plays a key role in the UK economy – 85% of UK goods are moved by road. The majority of road haulage operators ensure that their safety standards are met at all times. It is extremely frustrating that hauliers in the minority, those who have total disregard for safety standards, are not identified more quickly and prevented from operating dangerously.