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pallet-distribution Stacked wooden pallets at a storage

So what is pallet distribution?

Pallet distribution is exactly what it says on the tin. Specialist companies with lots of expertise who will regularly collect and distribute pallets from business owners all around the country.

Many pallet transport companies will also offer warehousing services to their clients. That means it’s often possible to store the goods at a single location and have them distributed by the pallet company from there.

Starting with the basics; a pallet is a flat (and often square) standard structure onto which companies will place their goods. Numerous sizes are in circulation but the 1200 x 1000 x 150mm is considered by most to be the standard UK size. The Euro standard is 1200 x 800 x 150mm. Most pallets are designed to hold a total weight of around 1000kg.

Pallet Distribution – a popular method to transport goods.

Pallets are often used in warehouses to make movement and storage of individual items easier and more straightforward. Workers will lift the pallet using a forklift truck into its position on their racking. Around 55 million timber pallet units are produced each year in the UK.

Pallets are also handy when transporting goods around the UK, in Europe or around the World. A pallet provides a stable base and helps to ensure all items remain: safe, secure, and undamaged. Indeed, that is why so many companies use them every single day.

Most pallet delivery companies use wooden pallets for a variety of good reasons. Firstly, they are strong enough to carry most items without issue. Secondly, it’s easy to fix pallets if one constituent board breaks. Lastly, wooden pallets are both versatile and cost efficient.