List of Inert Muck Away

What is muck away?
Muck away is the simple process of removing waste from various sites. Muck away is normally required by councils, trades people, farmlands and construction sites. If you are undertaking a project that will produce large amounts of inert waste, it would be worthwhile to arrange a muck away service.

Types of muck away
Muck away can be classified into three categories: inert, hazardous and non-hazardous.

Inert muck away is defined as waste that has not gone through any chemical physical or biological changes and thus is less likely to affect any other matter that it comes into contact with. Inert muck away includes brick, concrete, hardcore soil and subsoil.

Hazardous muck away is defined as a gathering of waste that has properties that make it harmful to the human health and the environment.

Non-hazardous materials can include a collection of different waste products that are considered not harmful to the environment and human life.