List of Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery means all machines and tools that are used in the production, harvesting, and care of farm products. This includes trailers that are used to transport agricultural produce or agricultural production materials between a local place of storage or supply and the farm, agricultural tractors, threshing machinery, hay-baling machinery, corn shellers, hammermills, and machinery used in the production of horticultural, agricultural, and vegetable products.

Transporting agricultural machinery requires a wide variety of specialist and standard trailers. Specialist haulage companies transport agricultural machinery, such as backhoes, throughout the UK and across Western Europe.

Specialised companies transport load backhoes and loadall type machines using ramped flatbed trailers - the ramps form part of the flatbed trailer so if they are not required you are still able to load using the full trailer length.

Sliding roof tautliner trailers can be used. They enable high machines to be loaded with the added security of having curtains at the side.